The SubT Virtual Portal has a new home at Here you will find links to help you get started as a SubT Challenge competitor, access to simulation resources in the SubT Tech Repo, and a leaderboard ranking current competitors. This portal has been designed from the ground up by Open Robotics, based on years of experience as a collaborator in simulation-based competitions.

The SubT Challenge follows in a long line of DARPA challenges. Previous DARPA challenges have pushed the capabilities of autonomous systems in the vehicular, humanoid, and aerial vehicle domains. This time, DARPA is presenting a unique challenge that involves the exploration and mapping of diverse and complex subterranean environments using multiple heterogeneous autonomous robots. We encourage you to take a look at the available competition tracks, and register a team today!

Expect new features to roll out on the SubT Virtual Portal in the coming months. Foremost is the ability to run simulation in the cloud using the SubT Simulator. This feature will alleviate the burden of maintaining GPU-enable machines in your local development environment. You will also gain the ability to run multiple simulations in parallel, and we will handle all the dirty work. The time frame for this feature is May 2019.